Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hooray For 365 Monsters

With all the power of 365 of his closest friends and most horrid enemies, Pumpkin Stumps jumped high into the air with an explosive blast. A celebration like no other was about to begin.
Ink and colored pencil on Mi-Teintes pastel paper, 10" x 8"

The only way I could think to end a monster art project was to draw a new monster.
If you've seen every post since monster # 1 posted a year ago tonight or this is the first post you've ever set your monster-loving eyes on, I want to say thank you. Monsters have always been a part of my art and this project let me push them to the forefront for a while.
It's been fun, scary, confusing, difficult, and so much more along the way. In the end I achieved my original goal of keeping busy, exercising my creativity, and creating at least one new piece of artwork per day.
You've helped me to do that and also played a large part of the project and I couldn't have done it without you. I can't thank my readers/viewers
enough (I love the pictures best of course).
This isn't the end. New monsters and posts will appear on here from time to time. I would very much like to publish this project as a book so look for that and please send word if you can help or have interest. It would be great to show the remaining collection as an exhibit as well.
In the Spring or Summer of 2010 I'll be starting my next blog project called "52 Farms". This new project will feature fewer pieces of artwork than 365 Monsters at one per week but the work will be more ambitious and larger. 52 different working farms within reasonable distance of my studio (mostly Montgomery & Bucks counties in PA) will be featured. Their info will be made available and a painting or drawing will be completed and posted.
I know this is a bit different than all of the monstery fun we had this year. I hope you'll come along for another ride.


MAB Jewelry said...

Big congratulations to you on achieving your goal. Very cool, and the farm project sounds amazing. You do miss the daily monster a bit, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Harry. I really enjoyed the project and look forward to the next one.

simon said...

great idea! wonderful execution! waited impatiently each day for the next monster. looking forward to the next series. congratulations.

Ang said...

congratulations! It is so impressive what you have done with your monsters. I will definately come along for the farm ride.