Friday, September 11, 2009

# 316

A sad and morbidly colorless beast grew to enormous proportions by eating the color out of this world. It started with bits of hues here and there, grew to whole sections of the color wheel gone in a flash, and moved on to entire rainbows in a slurp. Now things have come to a crashing halt as too much color got inhaled way too fast and a hideous prism of color is flowing back into the world in one fluid motion.
Ink and colored pencil on Mi-Teintes pastel paper, 10" x 8"


MAB Jewelry said...
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MAB Jewelry said...

Let me try that again. Your monsters sometimes remind me of Bosch, when you get them together in a big crowd.

Ang said...

yep, that's hideous alright. Could explain some of the art out there, with wayyyy tooo much color all smooshed together.