Wednesday, September 16, 2009

# 321

Don't let the poofy tale fool you. El Cuernos does not mess around. Just because one end is soft doesn't mean that the other one won't gore a person 4 horns at a time. Don't worry though, he usually sticks to antiques.
Ink and colored pencil on Mi-Teintes pastel paper, 6" x 9"


Caitlin said...

Out of all your monsters - this guy is pretty cute... err, I mean he's completely terrifying! EEK!

Ang said...

very cool! I kept looking at him, do I like him, do I not like him, do I like him, do I not like him.... I'd love to observe him from a safe distance. Or have him be smart enough to defend me in a fight.... but he doesn't look like smarts are his forte, I think his attention span would be pretty short.